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The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) recently published five regulations guiding the mandatory use of the National Identity Number (NIN). The NIMC has the mandate to establish, own, operate, maintain and manage the National Identity Database in Nigeria...

In the world today, digital platforms and access influence most aspects of our lives and work. From policy making and decision making that enjoys feedback from social media to business decisions made based on research conducted with the help of digital tools...

The dawn of industrialisation has been the start of progressive and developed economies of the world today and the reason is innovation. The aim of every inventor, visionary or innovator is primarily to profit from the creation/works of his hands.

The principal law governing arbitration in Nigeria is the Arbitration and Conciliation Act CAP A18 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 2004 (the “Act”). Some states in Nigeria have however made legislations to govern Arbitration in their various states. For example the Lagos State Arbitration Law (Law No. 18) 2009 (the “Law”) provides for the resolution of disputes within Lagos State by arbitration, except otherwise agreed by the parties to the arbitration agreement.

Economic growth for most economies is largely driven by Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). Most countries encourage FDI in order to facilitate productivity, reduce unemployment and encourage the possibility of transfer of technology. FDI’s ultimately result in the increase per capita income and reduce the amount of poverty manifested in most economies of the world.